Library Assessment · 47
“Revision of reference staffing needs.”
“Revision of digital library interface.”
Respondent 52
“Routinely make adjustments to library subscriptions based on use statistics.”
“Reconfigured the libraries’ Web site based on user surveys and focus groups.”
“Added positions in a liaison area based on interviews with colleges’ administrators.”
Respondent 53
“Selective reduction in journal subscriptions based on analysis of usage.”
“Redesign of library Web site resulting from usability studies.”
“Expansion of laptop loan service based on analysis of usage statistics.”
Respondent 54
“Service quality improvements through better training and related goal setting.”
“Process improvements in circulation and re-shelving.”
“Adding more computers and software to meet user requests.”
Respondent 55
“Significant modifications to library Web site design and functions.”
“Changes in collection development budgeting process, also extensive modifications to quality control in and
management of stack operations.”
“Awarding of grants to certain discipline-based library programs.”
Respondent 56
“Space improvements.”
“Web and catalog redesigns.”
“Emphasis on instructional services.”
Respondent 57
“The library has made considerable facilities improvements based on LibQUAL+™ data and focus groups. The
creation of two Commons areas has been greatly informed and facilitated by the assessment that has been
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