85 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
HOPE Frequently Asked Questions
agency, foundation, or other institution (including Harvard itself) that allows granted
funds to be used for article processing fees (whether or not the particular grant had
budgeted for such fees and whether or not sufficient grant funds remain), and articles
funded by an institution that itself pays article processing fees on behalf of the author
(such as Wellcome Trust).
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Q: What limits on reimbursement are there?
There is a nominal limit on the total reimbursement per article of $3,000, though there
are no known eligible journals with fees that reach the cap. The average publication fee
for fee-based open-access journals is approximately one-third of the cap.
There is no limit on the number of articles reimbursed, except that authors may receive
reimbursement for up to a total of $3,000 per fiscal year for all article processing fees.
Reimbursement can cover 100% of fees up to the cap. Unused amounts do not roll over
to future years. Exceptions to the $3,000 cap may be made based on availability of
We expect, based on the experience of similar funds, that the total outlay of funds in the
near term will be minimal, and do not expect to have to limit disbursements further.
However, should demand for funds exceed expectations, we may limit access to funds
on a first-come-first-served basis. As we gain experience with the process, the method
for calculating reimbursement and limitations thereon may be changed over time.
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Q: What if there are multiple authors on an
In the case of an article with multiple authors, each author is responsible for a prorated
portion of any publishing fees. For example, for an article with three authors that is to
appear in a journal with a $3,000 publication fee, each author is responsible for $1,000
of that fee. If two of the authors are eligible for reimbursement, they may enter an
application for $2,000. If the journal were to have a $6,000 publication fee, the $3,000
per article cap will apply and the two eligible authors may only apply for $2,000 each.
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