28 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
paper. But one of the two authors could apply for one article, and the other on a second article. The
presence of an already-funded author wouldn’t eliminate the paper from eligibility.
Awardees were eligible for up to $1,000 per year, and $1,000 per article. In the case of articles with
multiple local authors, all authors were considered awardees and the $1,000 cap per article still applied.
Funds are distributed in a single award to the applicant (one applicant per publication). For papers with
multiple authors, we can cover APCs only for those authors affiliated with the local campus (we divide
the fee evenly by the number of authors and pay for the university share).
New guidelines are being drafted that address this.
Only first or corresponding author on a paper may apply for funding.
Only one author per article can apply.
27. Is there a cap on the amount that will be funded per article? N=33
Yes 30 91%
No 3 9%
If yes, please specify the per-article funding limit. N=30
Minimum Maximum Mean Median N
1,000 3,000 2,175 2,000 30
Amount N
1,000 3
1,250 1
1,500 8
2,000 4
2,500 2
3,000 CAD 1
3,000 11
Comments N=2
$3,000 per article in a fully open access journal, up to $1,500 per article for hybrid journals and has a
cap of one article per author per year.
New guidelines in draft specify a cap of $2,000 per single article.
28. Is there an annual limit on the amount of funding an individual author may receive? N=33
Yes 28 85%
No 5 15%
If yes, please specify the annual funding limit. N=27
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