79 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
COAP Funding
COAP Funding
The COAP program has been funded again for the 2016-17 academic year and we are accepting
applications for reimbursement of eligible publishing and processing charges. Please note that we
have made a few changes to the scope and criteria of the program for the new academic year.
The Cornell Open-Access Publication Fund will underwrite reasonable processing fees for
open access publications by Cornell authors when funds are not otherwise available. The
fund is supported jointly by the Provost and the Cornell University Library.
Reimbursement for processing fees that conform to the requirements below may be
requested using this form.
Eligible Authors: The COAP Fund is available to any faculty member, post-doctoral
researcher, staff member, or student author affiliated with Cornell’s Ithaca campus.
Eligible Publication Types: COAP funds apply to publication and processing fees for
scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and books.
Eligible Publication Venues: COAP funds may be used to pay processing fees associated
with publishing peer-reviewed scholarship on an open access basis. Eligible open access
publishers may operate on a not-for-profit or a commercial basis, but the entire publication
where the COAP-supported work appears must be freely available online, with no charge to
readers or readers’ institutions for access.
To be eligible, a journal must meet these additional requirements:
Listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
Publisher is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or
adheres to its Code of Conduct.
Provides immediate, unfettered access to all peer-reviewed articles. In other
words, journals with a hybrid open access model (some articles in the journal
are open, some are not) or delayed open access model (articles become open
after an embargo period) are not eligible.
Has publicly available a standard article fee schedule.
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