41 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
The University Research Office has a Scholarship Facilitation Fund that awards grants of $2,000, a
portion of which may be applied to OA publishing, but that is just one category among many, and not its
primary purpose. http://research.uconn.edu/funding/scholarship-facilitation-fund/
There is currently no centrally administered fund planned. Our current plan is for the deans to
determine and provide appropriate APC funding. The criteria and processes are still being established
and documented.
UCI participates in the Royal Society of Chemistry “Gold for Gold” program http://osc.
We (the library) put together a proposal for a modest fund when the campus open access policy was
passed and implemented. However, we were never able to get funding in the budget allocated for APCs.
We also participate in/subscribe to Biomed Central, Royal Society of Chemists, and SCOAP3, all
of which enable our faculty to have article processing charges paid for or they will get a significant
discount. We have created a special fund to incentivize faculty to replace commercial textbooks
with alternate learning materials or open textbooks. We are applying for an NEH open humanities
book program
We are working on greater recognition and transparency about the fund. This includes plans for a web
page listing funded articles. Regarding the retrieval of funded articles, we are looking to change to a
model in which authors are required to deposit their articles in the repository.
We have also used the fund to support our open education initiative https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/
We receive vouchers from publishers that we pass on (e.g., in the past Royal Society of Chemistry). Non-
APC related: We expanded our institutional repository from ETDs only to accepting peer-reviewed
OA articles. In other words we fund the IR and support author deposit into it. We fund events for Open
Access Week in terms of staff time organizing events, expenses for speakers, refreshments, advertising
of the events.
We review our policies annually and make adjustments.
We traditionally look at investment level, viability of model, and responsibly adding to the support
of OA.
While the Libraries budget contributes funding toward a variety of memberships and programs that
support OA publishing, these efforts do not revolve around a library-controlled APC fund mechanism.
Our contributions tend to lead to cost reductions for authors, rather than direct dollar support.
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