17 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
9. Which unit(s) in your institution controls or administers the APC fund budget? Check all that
apply. N=36
Library 35 97%
Office of research 1 3%
Individual academic departments or colleges 0 0%
Central budget office 0 0%
Administration (provost, president, or chancellor) 0 0%
University press 0 0%
Other unit 1 3%
Please specify the other unit. N=1
10. If you answered “Library” above, which unit or position within the library administers the
budget? N=35
Acquisitions manages the APC fund budget.
Associate Dean, Scholarly Resources &Services
Associate University Librarian Collections and Research and EResources Librarian
Associate University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly Communications as part of the Scholarly
Publishing Team.
AUL Collections but delegated to Research Services Librarian
Collection Development
Collection Development Librarian and Coordinator, OpenSIUC
Collection Management Librarian
Copyright Office
Decisions about allocating funds to the OARS project are made by the Libraries’ management team
in consultation with the university’s Faculty Council Committee on Libraries (FCCOL). FCCOL has
been very involved in helping determine policies for distributing OARS funds and guidelines for
funding eligibility. The application approval process is managed by a liaison librarian, who creates
documentation about OARS policies and procedures, answers questions about the fund, and works
with an administrative professional to get applications approved. The administrative professional
screens applications to insure they are compliant with the guidelines, tracks how much money has
been allocated, and compiles fund statistics. Payments are managed by the Libraries’ Director of
Fiscal Services.
Digital Collections and Strategies
Digital Scholarship Librarian, who is a part of the Digital Programs &Initiatives unit in the libraries.
Director of Collections and Liaison Services
Director, Scholarly Communications &Instructional Support (position no longer exists)
During the time the fund existed, the Health Sciences Library administered it.
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