14 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Open Publishing Support Fund
SIU COPE (SIU Carbondale Open-Access Publishing Equity) Fund
SOAR (Supporting Open Access Research) Fund
The One University Open Access Author Fund
UCI Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund
UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund
University Libraries and Office of the Provost Open Access Fund
University of Florida Open Access Publishing Fund
University of Toronto Open Access Author’s Fund
UVA Library Open Access Fund
Western Libraries Open Access Fund
York University Libraries Open Access Author Fund
6. Did your institution implement a pilot project to begin the APC funding initiative? N=36
Yes 21 58%
No 15 42%
If yes, please briefly describe the scope and duration of the pilot project. N=20
2-year pilot project. Scope was the same as the current fund: available to the entire VT community
$1500 max per article $3000 max per author per year. Included hybrid journals.
24 months of promotion through various faculty venues.
In 2009, the university signed on to the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity and in January
2010, the provost and the library each contributed $25,000 to a establish fund, administered by the
library, to support fee-based OA publishing by university authors (faculty, staff, students). The initial
funding held out till 2014. This initial funding phase was treated as a pilot project. A final report
recommended replenishing the fund and continuing the COAP program along the same lines as the
pilot. Funding for the COAP program is reviewed on an annual basis, but to date the program has
received three years of additional funding from the library and the provost.
In 2010, the library dean with support from the provost, pledged money to increase open access
publishing on the campus. We looked for these qualities in a journal: the author retained their own
copyright the journal was fully open access and access was immediate, not delayed. Qualifying authors
got up to $3,000 depending on the policies of their journal. The fund ran from September 2010 through
March 1, 2012.
It was based on tranches of funding. First tranche was $40k.
Our fund began as an open-ended pilot with $25,000. Uptake was such that we continued the fund and
removed the pilot distinction.
Our pilot project began in December 2012 with seed money of $45,000. In the pilot, applicants had to
be tenured/tenure-track faculty, and the funding limits were up to $2,000 for fully open access journals
or $1,250 for commercial journals with an open access option. Funds could be reserved in advance and
had to be used within six months. The pilot ran from December 2012–May 2013.
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