19 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
12. What is the fund allocation for FY16? Please specify in US dollars. Please enter a whole number
without commas or a $ sign. N=25
Minimum Maximum Mean Median N
15,000 263,750 49,600 40,000 25
13. How was this funding level determined? N=25
15,000 Historical requests and what the budget allows
15,000 Not known
20,000 It was what we managed to scrape together!
20,000 Somewhat arbitrarily. The director was able to put up $10K, and we could match that amount
from the collections budget.
20,000 Soft funding based on pilot requested total
20,000 Somewhat arbitrarily. HSL declared that they would contribute a little under $10,000, and the
main library system contributed enough to round the fund up to $20,000.
25,000 The available funding was kept consistent with the previous year’s in order to meet demand.
25,000 $50,000 allocated over two years: $25,000 from Libraries and $25,000 from other units
25,000 A combination of predicted need and availability of funds from budget
30,000 Based on prior fiscal year expenditures and projected number of requests expected.
30,000 Historical spending trend, demand
40,000 Based on previous years’ allocations and an annual consultation with the head of collection
40,000 Based on prior year’s applications and budget availability.
42,000 Past financial commitments were agreed upon by each of the funding units in previous fiscal
years and were carried through to this year. The Head of Collections decides how much to
allocate for the Libraries. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs allocates the funds from the
provost’s office. The deans of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing allocate funds for their
45,000 This funding level was determined by the Libraries’ management team.
45,249 $60,000 CAD. Funding was retained at the same level as the previous year’s budget
48,000 The Libraries contributed $23,000 and additional funds were requested from the provost
($5,000) and the deans of the colleges/schools on campus (ranged from $2,000 to $3,000
from each dean).
50,000 The initial funding for the program pilot was $50,000 and part of the experiment was to
see what the level of use would be and how long the funds would last. The initial funds
were depleted in 3.5 years, with the rate of new applications accelerating over this time.
Funds were renewed at the same level in 2014, but were depleted after only one year. The
$50,000 has been an annual allocation since then and has been fully expended each year;
in the 2015–16 academic year, funds were depleted mid-year and the program was put on
hiatus until the new fiscal year. Program funding is reviewed each year with no guarantee of
ongoing support.
50,000 The increase in requests from our users for open access funds.
60,000 Qualifying authors got up to $3,000 depending on the policies of their journal. If a journal
was hybrid or delayed access, then the amount went down.
70,000 Based on past performance of and demand on fund
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