39 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
Provide support to the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC), SCOAP3, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy, among others.
Reveal Digital
SCOAP, Knowledge Unlatched, CRL offering “Independent Voices”
SCOAP3 (2 responses)
SCOAP3 (same as journal subsidies?)
Support includes: PKP: we are a full development partner and so we offer both financial and human
resources as part of our commitment Knowledge Unlatched DOAJ Erudit SCOAP ArXiv
The Libraries are also involved with discussion on campus regarding Open Educational Resources, but
have not allocated funds to this initiative at this point.
The Libraries is a supporter of general OA initiatives and specific publisher programs that include
SPARC, arXiv, the Royal Society of Chemistry Gold for Gold Program, Knowledge Unlatched, Science
Advances (AAAS), HathiTrust, Nucleic Acids Research, Reveal Digital, and BioMed Central.
We participated in the pilot and round two of Knowledge Unlatched, and we provide funding support
for the SCOAP3 initiative, which will convert 10 key journals in the field of high-energy physics to open
access at no cost for authors. We also provide funding support to arXiv.
While most of the fund is used to support journal articles, COAP fund administrators are willing to
consider different types of open-access publications such as open-access conference presentations and
monographs. For example, COAP fund resources were used to license a translation of a Dante text for
use in the Digital Dante project, http://digitaldante.columbia.edu/ and to pay a nominal fee to a German
publisher to maintain access to geoscience articles in our institutional repository Academic Commons,
Additional comment N=1
As previously responded, we have a lack of funding, but we would be interested in funding other OA
initiatives like OLH, PeerJ, etc.
43. Please enter any additional information regarding open access funding practices at your
institution that may assist the authors in accurately analyzing the results of this survey. N=22
Authors apply individually to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research for funding for article
processing charges.
For FY17 we are only funding 50% of an article’s fees, which is why the total amount for the fund
has been reduced compared to FY16. In past years we have requested additional funds from the
deans on campus and not all contributed. Since we tend to have a larger number of applications from
the sciences, we wanted to make it more equitable across all college/schools. When we open up the
application process in the fall we are going to encourage authors to reach out to their department heads
and deans for additional funds as well as use grant funding if it is available. If the deans are not more
receptive to the authors, at least they will be aware of how important the fund is to the researchers in
their departments.
July 25, 2016 DRAFT /Kent State University Open-Access Publishing Fund Guidelines: The Kent
State University Open-Access Publishing Fund will support reasonable article processing charges
(APC) for open-access journals when funds are not otherwise available. The fund is supported by
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