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Western Libraries Open Access Fund Terms and Conditions
Western Libraries Open Access Fund Terms and Conditions
1. Fund Size
1.1 The value of the fund will be determined by Western Libraries each fiscal year. For 2016/2017, the total value
of the fund is $60,000 Canadian.
1.2 The Fund is available to successful applicants on a first-come-first-served basis.
1.3 The Fund will provide up to $2,400 (Canadian) per article, book, or book chapter.
2. Author Eligibility
2.1 At the time of application, an eligible applicant must be a current
faculty member (full-time or part-time) at Western; or
postdoctoral fellow at Western; or
graduate student at Western; or
librarian or archivist at Western; or
research assistant; or
other staff member
2.2 People from the affiliate colleges are not eligible.
2.3 The applicant must be either the first author or the corresponding author of the article.
2.4 In the case of an article with multiple authors, if both the first and corresponding authors are Western
researchers, either one of them but not both can apply for the funding support.
2.5 If the applicant has received a grant from a research funding agency, s/he must declare that the publication
fee for the article has not already been covered by the grant.
2.6 Applicants are eligible for up to two grants per year.
2.7 Retrospective applications for articles for which the authors have already paid the OA charges are not
2.8 Funds are available for the fiscal year in which the application is approved and for the subsequent fiscal
year. Following that, the funds will be withdrawn. (For example, an application approved on February 9, 2015,
during the 2014/15 fiscal year, will be available until the end of the 2015/16 fiscal year: April 30, 2016.)
3. Eligible Types of Publications
3.1 Peer-reviewed journal articles accepted for publication into open access journals that are listed in the
Directory of Open Access Journals, or meet the DOAJ’s selection criteria. In particular, "hybrid" journals, which
normally require a subscription to read, but provide an "open access option" for a supplementary author fee, are
not eligible for funding.
3.2 Books, or book chapters (no textbooks), which are published by a publisher that is a member of the Open
Access Scholarly Publishers Association or meet their Code of Conduct.
3.3 Funded articles, books, or book chapters will be freely available online immediately upon publication.
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