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HOPE Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What fees can the fund reimburse?
Reimbursable article-processing fees may include publication fees (charges levied on
articles accepted for publication, including page charges), and submission fees (charges
levied on articles submitted for publication). Eligible fees must be based on a
publication's standard fee schedule that is independent of the author's institution.
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Q: What publication venues are eligible?
The venue of publication must be an established open-access journal, that is, a journal
that does not charge readers or their institutions for unfettered access to the
peer-reviewed articles that it publishes.
Journals with a hybrid open-access model or delayed open-access model are not eligible.
To be eligible, a journal must meet these additional requirements:
Be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (unless the journal is too new for
DOAJ eligibility),
Be a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or adhere to its
Code of Conduct,
Have publicly available a standard article fee schedule,
Have a policy to substantially waive fees in case of economic hardship. Currently,
all of the major open-access publishers satisfy these conditions.
We trust requesters to make appropriate decisions about the quality of the publication
venue and the value of its services in relation to the fees it charges. As we gain
experience with administering the fund, we may institute further procedures for vetting
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Q: What if the research in the article was grant-
Articles for which alternative funding is available are not eligible for reimbursement.
This includes articles reporting research funded by a gift or a grant from a granting
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