29 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
Minimum Maximum Mean Median N
1,000 6,000 2,666.66 3,000 27
Amount N
1,000 2
1,500 5
2,000 2
2,500 1
3,000 15
5,000 1
6,000 CAD 1
Comments N=18
Answered Yes N=14
$3,000 per author per FY
$3,000 is the maximum any one applicant may be awarded in one year. There is a cap of one award per
author per year.
50% of the APC for one article for up to $1,500. The amount of funding per article has been decreased
as the popularity of the fund has grown.
Also maximum of two awards per lab per year
As funds allow, exceptions will be considered for requests above this annual cap.
Cap was $2,000, lowered to increase number of awardees.
Limit of two successful applications/year (instituted September 2015). Funding/application limits put
in place in September 2015 in response to overwhelming demand for limited funds.
One article per author per fiscal year
One per author per year (but could be a co-author on another funded article)
Only one article for up to $1,500
Our limit is on the number of successful grants, rather than on the total amount of funding. So, an
author may receive up to $6,000 CAD in funding, but most authors receive less, since many grants are
for less than the maximum amount.
Preference given to authors who have not been previously funded.
The $3,000 maximum was based on the typical range for journal APCs. As mentioned above, we have
recently extended the scope of our program to cover processing charges for OA book publishing. Of
course, these fees are much higher than journal APCs, but we are maintaining the $3,000 contribution
limit in order to contain our costs.
This was not formally codified, but in practice it was $1,0000 per article.
Answered No N=4
New guidelines in draft specify a cap of $3,000 per author per year.
One article maximum per researcher per fiscal year may be funded. We have refused for high costs but
have no officially set maximum dollar amount limit.
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