99 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
Western Libraries Open Access Fund Terms and Conditions
3.4 The journal does not require that the author(s) to transfer copyright to the publisher, and the author(s) retain
control over the future use of the work. In particular, if the journal makes articles available under a CC-BY-NC
(non-commercial use only) license, and it is the publisher who controls future commercial use of the content,
rather than the author, then that is unacceptable.
3.5 Optionally, but preferably, the eligible work is published with a license that enables the widest distribution
and reuse. The Creative Commons “CC BY” Attribution license (see Creative Commons Canada for more
information about the Creative Commons licenses) is preferred.
3.6 If the publisher gives the authors a variety of licenses from which to choose, the author must select the least
restrictive license available (for example, the CC-BY license must be selected over the CC-BY-NC license).
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