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All faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students are eligible.
Funds are available to underwrite article processing fees for scholarly peer-
reviewed articles accepted for publication in an open access or hybrid OA
Support is limited to $1500.00 per article and $3000.00 per author per year. For
papers with multiple Virginia Tech co-authors, the program would still subsidize
the same total amount of up to $1,500 per article but it would be prorated
among each of the authors for the purposes of calculating amounts towards the
annual limit for individuals, for example, 3 Virginia Tech authors counted at
$500 each.
Authors must have no other sources of funding available. Funding is not
available for papers resulting from research sponsored by agencies that allow
allocations for OA fees, ex. NIH, NSF.
A journal's publisher must be a member of the Open Access Scholarly
Publishers Association (OASPA) or comply with OASPA's Code of Conduct.
OA and hybrid journals must be registered in an open access directory such as
the Directory of Open Access Journals .
For hybrid OA journals, the publishers must have reduced institutional (i.e.
library) subscription prices, or plan to reduce prices this next year, based on the
number of open access publications in the journals. Example publisher hybrid
policy: http://oxfordjournals.org/en/oxford-open/. You can find discounts
available at http://lib.vt.edu/openaccess/discounts.html.
Funding is limited and will be disbursed to authors upon approval and in the
order in which they were received.
Application process
Start by completing an Open access subvention fund request form , 1) immediately
upon acceptance or 2) after an article is accepted. The application is sent to a team
in University Libraries that reviews applications and vets and prioritizes them based
on criteria for eligibility, guidelines, and available funding. The program is
administered by University Libraries and is under the guidance of the Faculty
Senate’s University Library Committee.
After the application is accepted and the author is sent notification of approval, the
author sends University Libraries an invoice or other proof of payment, and University
Libraries reimburses the department or sends payment directly to the publisher.
Gail McMillan
Director , Scholarly
2036 Newman Library (0434)
560 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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