26 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Sciences: 9; Social Science: 4; Arts & Humanities: 6
The majority of awards have been in the life sciences and engineering, but we have seen significant
numbers in the social sciences and a few in the humanities as well. We have funded authors in a total
of 33 academic departments/programs. Last year, on an experimental basis, we extended funding to
authors of two OA monographs published in the Press’s Luminos program. This year, we have revised
our funding criteria to provide ongoing support for OA book publishing. We expect that this will help
broaden the disciplinary reach of the program.
The sciences dominate funding requests. Only linguistics and law had applicants outside of
the sciences.
Vast majority of applicants are from the sciences.
24. May any member of your institution’s community (including faculty, staff, students, researchers,
postdoctoral students, etc.) receive support? N=33
Any author affiliated with the institution may receive support 20 61%
Only specific categories of authors may receive support 13 39%
If only specific categories of authors may receive support, please specify which category(ies). N=13
All categories of authors (faculty, postdoc, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students) affiliated
with the local campus may receive support. However, we do not currently extend support to authors
affiliated with other campuses.
All except undergraduates
Current faculty member, instructor, post-doctoral researcher, staff member, or graduate student author.
Faculty includes librarians.
Current faculty, post-doc, resident, or staff member who has had an article, book chapter, or book
accepted for publication. Currently enrolled student or graduate student who has had an article, book
chapter, or book accepted for publication.
Faculty and graduate students
Faculty, post-doctoral associates, graduate students.
Faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, librarians, archivists
Faculty, staff, and enrolled students
Full-time faculty members and research scientists
Our materials specify all members of the university community except undergraduate students.
However, I believe that undergraduate proposals would be considered.
Standing and associated faculty
Tenure track faculty, non-tenure related career faculty, post-docs, currently enrolled graduate students
The author can be a faculty member, post-doc researcher, graduate, or professional student and any
staff whose articles accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed, open access publication.
Additional comment N=1
[Any affiliated author, but] they cannot have received funding from elsewhere to publish.
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