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York University Open Access Author Fund
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York University Open Access Author Fund Selecting an Open Access Journal Section 1: Open Access Section 2: Scholarly Publishing
Section 3: Repositories
Applying to the Fund
STEP 1: If you are submitting an
article for publication in an OA journal
from BioMed Central, Hindawi, or
RSC then York University Libraries
has set aside discrete funds to which
you may apply. For more information
on supported publishers, please see
"YUL Open Access Memberships"
to the right.
STEP 2: If you are NOT publishing in
an Open Access Journal from
Hindawi, BioMed Central, or RSC
then please make sure that the
journal to which you are submitting
your article meets the criteria listed
under "What does the fund cover?" to
the right.
STEP 3: Apply for funding using the
Open Access Author Fund
application form.
STEP 4: Your submission will be
responded to within five business
days. If your application is successful
we will provide you with invoicing
information to be passed along to
your publisher.
STEP 5: Your publisher will send the
Author Fees invoice to the library,
and we will pay the invoice directly.
Please do not pay your own
invoice. We have no mechanism by
which to reimburse authors who have
paid their own fees. The library must
pay the invoice directly.
PLEASE NOTE: York University
Libraries allocates a set amount of
funds annually to support OA
publishing. Once the funds are
expended, submissions cannot be
considered until the the fund is
refreshed in the following year. .
Open Access Gold
The Directory of Open Access
Journals is a good place to find “gold”
open access publishing options in
your field.
Titles that apply Creative Commons
licensing to all of their content are
typically “gold” OA journals.
About the York University Libraries OA Author Fund
York University Libraries have directed a small portion of their collections budget in support
of an open access author fund to cover Author Processing Charges for York researchers
who wish to publish their work in open access journals. Please note that when the annual
allocation has been expended, no further requests can be considered until the following
fiscal year.
Who can apply?
All York, faculty, graduate students, staff, post-docs, emeriti, and visiting scholars who have
had a peer-reviewed article accepted to an Open Access journal that meets the funding
Where an article has multiple authors, the first author must be a York affiliated researcher.
York will fund one publicaton per year for each researcher.
Only researchers with no other funding source to cover APCs will be given funding.
What does the fund cover?
The fund will cover Author Processing Charges (also called author’s fees or page fees) for
articles in pure Open Access journals. An Open Access journal:
a) does not charge subscription fees for any of its content. All articles are immediately
available online at no cost to the reader.
b) is not a Hybrid Journal. These are publications under subscription control for which
authors of individual articles can pay an “open choice” fee to make their papers freely
available to any reader. The Libraries will not cover the “open choice” fee.
c) does not have embargoes that limit Open Access to content for a specific time period
after publication, if it is longer than the publication timeline required by the funding source.
Listings of journals providing delayed OA are available at PubMed Central and Highwire
Other conditions:
A copy of the funded paper will also be made available through York Space immediately
after initial publication. York Space is York University's institutional repository. Follow the
step-by-step guide to creating an account, learning about your publisher's policy, and
depositing your research article and materials in YorkSpace
The Open Access Fund aims to encourage authors to retain copyright so they can release
their work under Creative Commons licensing. For that reason, another condition of the
Open Access Fund is that the journal must allow the authors to retain copyright.
Does York subsidize open access?
York University Libraries have been supporting OA initiatives through various channels since
2006. In 2009, a formal proposal was submitted to the University Librarian outlining the
suggested mechanisms by which OA support could proceed. Largely, our support is
reflected in the following initiatives:
Biomed Central
Open Medicine
Please refer an interested faculty member to Adam Taves or Adriana Bugyiova to discuss
levels of support as they are subject to specific criteria and vary among the initiatives.
The original proposal is currently under review and will reflect the work that is underway
compiling the necessary documentation for York's submission to become a Compact for
Open-Access Publishing Equity (COPE) member. COPE is based on the premise that
universities already subsidize the costs of subscription journals by subscribing to them. By
subsidizing article processing fees for OA journals, universities and funding agencies can
provide equitable support for the business model for open access journals placing the
Tri-Agency Open Access
Policy on Publications
NEW! (Canadian Association of
Research Libraries Open Access
Working Group)
Tri-Agency Open Access Policy
Publications: Quick Answers! 
Public Fee Schedule:
Record of YUL's OA Fund
View the dataset
YUL Open Access
York University Libraries maintain
Institutional Memberships with
major OA publishers in order to
reduce the cost of Author
Processing Fees in these
journals, and to streamline the
fee payment process.
BioMed Central - Invoices for
publication fees will be sent
directly to York University
Libraries for payment when your
article is accepted to any of the
journals published by Biomed
Central or those published by
SpringerOpen journals.
Hindawi Membership - Exempts
York faculty from author fees for
articles published in any of
Hindawi's 200 journals.
RSC - York University Libraries
has a limited number of "tokens"
which provide publication in
these RSC Journals free of
charge. If you wish to publish in
RSC using one of these token
please contact Adam Taves.
Recently funded articles by
the YUL OA Author Fund
Validating potential energy
surfaces for classical
trajectory calculations
disorder in relation to addictive
behaviors: a moderated-
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