35 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
Rotating slide on video displays in the library
The Faculty Council Committee on Libraries is comprised of representatives from all the colleges, and
they have communicated to the colleges.
Through workshops for faculty and graduate students
Visits to Faculty Councils
We’re finding that many publishers are listing institutions that have funds on their sites or they refer
their authors to us. We find that we have to do little promotion and we end up using all funds long
before the fiscal year ends.
We provide our data to SPARC, which includes the information in it’s annual report and on it’s website.
38. Does your institution formally recognize authors who receive OA funds? N=33
Yes 12 36%
No 21 64%
If yes, how does your institution recognize authors? Check all that apply. N=12
Website 7 58%
Ceremony or event, such as during Open Access Week 4 33%
Annual report 2 17%
Library or institution marketing 1 8%
Other method 6 50%
Please briefly describe the other method. N=6
In a collection of the supported materials in the institutional repository
In addition to listing their article on our Scholarly Communication website, we deposit their articles to
our institutional repository.
OA-funded submissions are listed in the institutional repository under a specific heading of OA-
funded articles.
Posting author names and article titles on a library website and providing links to their articles in
the repository.
Through SPARC
We are planning an event to occur during this year’s Open Access Week.
39. Is specific data about the fund shared openly? N=33
Yes 15 46%
No 18 54%
If yes, please indicate how the data is shared. Check all that apply. N=15
Institution or departmental website 8 53%
Annual report 4 27%
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