34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Please briefly describe the other method. N=13
APC is paid by author using their personal card. The university then reimburses the author (if they
meet our criteria).
Currently making adjustments to allow for credit card payment.
Institutional reimbursement system—the same one used for payroll.
Interdepartmental transfer
Invoice processed through library’s finance department like an acquisition.
Payment can also be made in the form of a reimbursement through a departmental fund transfer.
Purchase order created in library finance department.
This depends on the publisher and whether the library is paying directly (preferred) or if the costs were
paid for some other way and we have to reimburse the department.
University financial system (Kuali)
We try to encourage the author to have his/her department pay and we can easily transfer the money
to that account. Pay the publisher directly with credit card is the next preferred form of payment and a
check is issued only as a last resort (as a state institution this can take weeks if not months).
We used a variety of methods based on the needs of the author and the journal.
Wire payments
Wire transfer; in cases where the APC exceeds $1,500, we pay the full amount and the author’s
department reimburses us the difference.
37. How is your institution’s community made aware that an open access fund is available? Check all
that apply. N=33
Library liaisons 32 97%
Website 30 91%
Word of mouth 30 91%
Through related activities, such as Open Access Week or Open Education Week 27 82%
Email list 11 33%
Newsletter or flyer 9 27%
Blog 7 21%
Other method 12 36%
Please briefly describe the other method. N=12
Because our grant was so modest, we deliberately relied on the liaisons for much of the advertising. In
reality, word of mouth among researchers was the biggest factor in who applied.
Bookmark describing the Open Access Fund
Mentioned frequently as part of related outreach and presentations.
Outreach to Academic Senate Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries (CORCL)
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