13 SPEC Kit 353: Funding Article Processing Charges
Please complete as much of the survey as possible with information about this fund. For questions
that ask about an APC fund in FY16, please use data from the last year your fund existed.
4. Please enter the year the fund began. N=36
Year N
2005 1
2007 1
2008 3
2009 2
2010 7
2011 2
2012 7
2013 9
2014 3
2016 1
5. What is the name of the fund (e.g., open access subvention fund)? N=36
Columbia Open-Access Publication Fund
COPE Open Access Fund
Cornell Open Access Publishing (COAP) fund
Duke University Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity (COPE) Fund
Emory Open Access Publishing Fund
HOPE- Harvard Open Access Publishing Equity
Northwestern Open Access Fund
OhioLINK Open Access Subvention Fund
Open Access Author Fund
Open Access Author’s Fund
Open Access Authors Fund
Open Access Fund (3 responses)
Open Access Fund for OSU Authors Pilot
Open Access Journal Support
Open Access Promotion Fund
Open Access Publication Fund
Open Access Publishing Fund
Open Access Publishing Support Fund (2 responses)
Open Access Research and Scholarship (OARS) Fund
Open Access Subvention Fund (2 responses)
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