38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
There is currently no centrally administered fund planned. Our current plan is for the deans to
determine and provide appropriate APC funding. The criteria and processes are still being established
and documented.
There is interest in creating an APC fund among librarians, faculty, and graduate students, but
it is beyond the budget of the library and we do not currently have institutional support from
university administration.
This is a topic that has been discussed but it hasn’t been determined where it belongs on this campus.
We have several new upper-level administrators, including a new dean in the library, and an interest in
increasing research funding so I expect the topic to continue being discussed.
We are currently investigating how this is being handled on our campus and the feasibility of
supporting an APC fund.
We’ve not had many requests coming from faculty or students for help with APCs and we’ve not heard
from our administration that this should be a library focus. At the same we believe that funding for
APCs is going on but in a distributed way outside of library operations. The library does contribute to
open access projects (SSRN, Stanford Encyclopedia, ArXiv, etc.) but we don’t currently support OA
through APC funding out of library money.
42. Does your institution allocate funds to OA initiatives that are external to the institution? N=72
Yes 58 81%
No 14 19%
If yes, which initiatives are allocated funds? Check all that apply. N=58
Memberships (for example, PeerJ) 48 83%
Open access monograph publishing 40 69%
Journal subsidies (for example, Open Library of Humanities) 38 66%
Open educational resources, such as textbooks 21 36%
Other initiative 18 31%
Please briefly describe the other initiative. N=18
Also projects like SCOAP and Reveal
arXiv: We have a supporter membership for this preprint service. SCOPE3 supporter. We weren’t sure
where HathiTrust fit into all of this since it is OA after the fact.
HathiTrust OAISter
Knowledge Unlatched
Member of Open Access Network, Open Textbook Network
NB: These funds come from the Libraries’ collections budget and not from COPE funds.
OA Monographs: we have supported both phase 1 &2 of Knowledge Unlatched. OER: as a member
of the Boston Library Consortium we support the Open Textbook Network. Journal subsidies: we
participate in SCOAP3.
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