60 Representative Documents:  Open Access Fund Descriptions
The One University Open Access Author Fund
employees or students. Preference is given to research or scholarship primarily con‐
ducted by KU employees or students.
We expect researchers to use appropriate research grant funds to pay such publication
charges where applicable. For example, the National Institutes of Health and the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute will fund open access publications as part of their research
grants. For questions related to research funds and your application please email us at
Journal eligibility
Inquiring authors are encouraged to consult with the OA Author Fund reviewers regard‐
ing the eligibility and quality of open access journals prior to submitting manuscripts.
Email your questions to authorsfund@ku.edu.
Authors applying for open access author funds must be publishing in journals that meet
the below criteria:
Provide unfettered access to all peer-reviewed articles -- be an entirely open ac‐
cess journal. Journals with a hybrid open-access model or delayed open-access
model are not eligible. Hybrid open access journals are defined here: http://li‐
Be published by a member organization of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers
Association OR adhere to its Code of Conduct.
Have a standard article fee schedule publicly posted.
Be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. Exceptions to a DOAJ listing
may be made if the journal meets other criteria and the OA funding review mem‐
bers verify journal credibility.
Reviewers may also consult Beall's List of "predatory publishers" to determine
publisher quality.
Authors are encouraged to review the journal for quality indicators such as those listed
here, http://guides.library.kumc.edu/content.php?pid=407256&sid=3333318, especially
for those journals and publishers for which they are unfamiliar. Reviewers of the applica‐
tion may also use those indicators when deciding whether a journal meets the quality cri‐
teria for funding.
Article eligibility
Articles must:
Be a peer-reviewed article submitted to an open access journal.
Have Publication Status of, "ready for submission," "submitted-for-publication" or
"accepted-for-publication". Funds will not be encumbered for manuscripts that are
still being written.
Not have been published prior to the authors' request for funds. Already-pub‐
lished articles are ineligible.
Fund Cap, Disbursement and Administration
Fund Cap
Funds may be used to pay article processing charges up to $1,500 per article, but not
color, page, or image charges. Please NOTE -- the cap has been lowered in order to
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