18 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
I administer the program as Director of Collections, with assistance from our Scholarly
Communications Librarian and a Digital Programs Associate.
Now administered by committee with people from several areas across the library.
Office for Scholarly Communication
Publishing and Curation Services
Publishing and Repository Services
Research Support Standing Committee Library Information Resource Management Unit
(technical services)
Scholarly Communication and Collections & Technical Services
Scholarly Communication Coordinator
Scholarly Communication Department. Recently transitioned the fund to a new position, the “Open
Access and Institutional Repository Librarian.”
Scholarly Communication Librarian reviews fund applications under the Associate Dean for Research
and Scholarly Communication. Library administration allocates funds.
Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Scholarly Communications Librarian administered the fund.
Scholarly Communications Office
Scholarly Resource Development Department
The Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communication, Outreach Coordinator for Open Access
(interim; may remain permanently)
The Scholarly Communications Committee
The scholarly communications group
There’s a team that evaluates proposals and maintains a spreadsheet to make sure we don’t over-
commit. The money itself is administered out of the Admin Office, which is where Fiscal Services
is housed.
11. How is the money allocated within the budgeting process? N=34
A separate line item in the budget 28 82%
Included in other funding lines 2 6%
Other process 4 12%
Please briefly describe the other process. N=4
Currently, the money is allocated from funds considered contingency to the collections budget.
Designated from available gift funds in the Libraries’ endowment portfolio.
Pulled out of collection budget, which is jointly managed. We will be bringing a request to supplement
funding soon.
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