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University of Connecticut
Collecting Strategy 2010–2013
University of Connecticut Libraries Collecting Strategy 2010‐2013:
Expanding Electronic Provision
The Libraries intend to continue to increase the quantity of electronic content we offer to students,
faculty and staff. We favor digital formats because they expand access to our collections and offer more
options to our users.
Metric: Increase the percentage of our materials expenditures going to electronic purchases from 84%
to 92% over the next three years.
Goal 1. Reallocate 50% of the $330,000 we spent on print serials (journals, annuals, etc.) in FY2009 to
electronic serials by FY2011.
Strategies related to Goal 1:
Move print subscriptions to electronic form as options arise and financial terms permit.
Rely increasingly on rapid desktop delivery of articles as an alternative to little used print
Goal 2. Maintain competitive level of electronic research resources in key research areas.
Strategies related to Goal 2:
Expand provision of electronic research resources through strategic use of one‐time funds.
Continue to work cooperatively with our Law and Health Center Libraries to expand content
available throughout the system whenever possible.
Goal 3: Provide resources that complement or go beyond the resources users now find on the web.
Strategies related to Goal 3:
Only license reference resources with strong brand recognition and unique content.
Continue to add links from our catalog to stable and authoritative open access resources.
Goal 4: Continue to support library and non‐profit digitization of research resources.
Strategies related to Goal 4:
Continue to aggressively digitize materials from our own collection.
Support efforts at CRL and other non‐profit groups to expand access to research materials.
Partner with local institutions such as the Connecticut Historical Society to digitize important
resources from their collections.
Goal 5. Expand our acquisition of electronic books.
Strategies related to Goal 5:
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