36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
There are different levels of participation -full (Tier 1) and partial (Tier 2).
There is a minimal numbers of institutions required by some consortia.
This is true for NERL I’m not familiar with the process when it is WALDO or Nylink.
Usually requires a certain number of participants willing to enter the contract.
Varies by type: whether it is an all-in or %of group that determines cost.
14. Who at your library makes the final decision about acquisition through the consortium? Check all
that apply. N=73
N Discipline/
Chief Collection Development Officer 54 51 50
Selectors with relevant subject expertise/responsibility 42 42 21
An e-resources working group/team/committee 28 23 28
All selectors contribute to final decision 23 7 23
Dedicated selector(s) for e-resources 14 13 12
Other individual(s) or group(s) 17 16 16
Please describe the “Other” individual(s) or group(s) who makes final purchase/licensing decisions
for new e-resources for consortial purchase/licensing. N=17
Administrative Council
Associate Director for Library Services Acquisitions &Electronic Resources Management staff
Collection Development Committee
Collection Development Council (2 responses)
Consortial staff
Dean &AUL make final decision after recommendations from an e-resources working group.
Director for Collections Services and Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access
Director, Provost
Fund Group Leaders
In some cases, the Dean makes final decisions.
Library director
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