26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Electronic Resources Librarian, Electronic Resources Management Working Group
Faculty and students
Faculty Department Representatives
Fund Group Leaders
Groups of reference or information services librarians
Head of Collection Development Operations &Acquisitions Services
Liaison subject teams
Library encourages and at times solicits faculty to suggest needed e-resources and provide purchase justification it also
provides print and online request forms for patrons to do so.
Licensing and Negotiation Librarian
Non-library faculty
Reference and Liaison Librarians, who do not select in a subject area, will often identify, evaluate, and then recommend
the purchase of resources.
Reference Librarians
Technical Services Resources Librarian
The Dean of Libraries approves all purchases.
The Licensing Librarian may have some level of input into evaluation and purchase, although most influence/decision
rests with subject librarian and the Associate Director for Collections.
These decisions happen at the consortial level our library director has input but not the subject selectors.
University Librarian
Please enter any additional comments about who evaluates new consortial e-resources for your
library. N=15
Acquisitions &Electronic Resources Management staff work as a team and meet regularly (i.e., weekly scheduled
meetings and often in ad hoc meetings) to discuss and evaluate e-resources.
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