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If yes, please describe the review cycle. N=51
A subset of e-resources are reviewed annually by each of the subject teams.
About a year before renewal.
According to individual contracts.
Acquisitions and E-Resources Management staff compile and analyze usage stats and share such with subject specialists
prior to annual renewal. Cost, use, and continued relevance are all part of the consideration process.
All licenses for the consortium upon which my answers are based are for 3 years, so the review cycle for each resource is
every three years.
Annually (2 responses)
Annually and/or at renewal time if that is not done annually. (4)
Annually at renewal time. Review new pricing for renewal and look at use data to make our decision. Again, this is from
the library’s perspective and not the consortia’s.
As a rule, the review cycle takes place during the final year of a license/contract.
At renewal (11)
At renewal or end of contract term.
At renewal time, we consult the disciplinary librarians.
At renewal time, which varies from product to product.
At the time of renewal, usage figures and other reports on activity are circulated by the consortium.
But really depends on the resource, some are reviewed at renewal time and others annually, some just continue.
Evaluations based on contractual renewals.
Follow renewals.
If a license has a common expiration date for the entire consortium, then the license needs to be re-negotiated.
Many CRKN licenses are negotiated for a 3-year term. Members re-evaluate the resources at the expiration of the term.
Most are reviewed annually: renewal quotes are received and members can join, renew, or drop.
Most larger purchases are multi-year deals (and reviews). Library is reviewing renewals as appropriate.
Multi-year contracts are reviewed for renewal others are reviewed periodically but not on a strict cycle.
On an annual basis, renewals received from vendors and signed by Chief of US Anglo Division.
Prior to renewal, each participating institution is contacted by the consortia with the terms of the new license.
Renewal period plus standard sunset review of all e-resources (every 2–3 years).
Renewal time and as a part of the annual collections review process.
Semi-annual renewal time.
The review cycle is largely ad-hoc. As renewals come in they are always checked for unusual price increases. If a
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