60 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Please specify other activity.
In regard to these ILL questions we always have in the back of our mind the cost/benefit nature of purchase vs.
acquiring through ILL. We don’t check to see if something is available we generally have a pretty good idea.
Number of simultaneous users.
Subject bibliographers and collections committees are usually aware of anecdotal experience of patron experience
with the product—via reference transactions, consultations, etc.—but we do not formally seek patron feedback for
Additional comments
Evaluations are triggered by specifics events or initiatives but not routine workflow.
32. Are e-resource evaluations recorded and maintained? N=73
Yes 37 51%
No 36 49%
If yes, are there any circumstances under which an evaluation might be revisited? N=36
Yes 36 100%
No 0
Answered Yes
After a couple years if the resource is requested again.
Budget constraints, content changes, user demand, research or curricular needs.
Budget reductions Changes in product such as platform, content, or vendor.
Certainly faculty members can always request that we re-evaluate a product.
Change in price, content, curriculum, platform.
Changes in content, pricing, technical access.
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