SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources · 33
materials we license, so long as we did not condone, assist, or knowingly allow the abuse to continue. NERL has very
good language to this effect in all their contracts.
Level of (vendor) Support is very important but is rarely actually considered in terms of ‘licensing terms.’ If support is
actually needed and hard to come by, the resource will no doubt be canceled. Cancellation restrictions would be very
important if they were felt to be a problem, but the assumption is that the library can almost always decline to renew a
resource. Only in long-term expensive contracts would cancellation restrictions be considered a problem. Consequences
of unauthorized access or use would be very important if they failed to allow a cure of breech period, but harsh
consequences are almost unknown. Limit on cost increases is sometimes important.
Post-cancellation access rights explicit acceptable use terms entire agreement provisions (i.e., no passive assent or
click-through agreement.)
12. Please indicate how often the following activities are part of the assessment process for new
consortial e-resources. Please make one choice per row. N=73
N Never
Trial use of the resource 73 1 13 43 16
Title (or other content) comparisons to e-resource
products already held by the library
73 7 32 34
Review of vendor/publisher preservation arrangements 73 1 12 31 29
Title (or other content) comparison to print resources
held by the library
73 1 24 25 23
Check for compatibility with library systems, e.g., link
73 2 13 25 33
Call for input from library staff outside the selecting
group or designated selector
73 3 40 23 7
Title (or other content) comparison to freely available
e-resource products (e.g., WorldCat, PubMed, Google
73 3 30 21 19
Check for reviews in professional literature or review
73 7 47 17 2
Review of product license against pre-existing
organizational criteria
72 5 14 15 38
End-user testing of the resource 71 5 51 13 2
Contact existing subscribing institution for evaluation 72 7 62 3
Other activity 5 3 1 1
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