22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Data feeds.
Database descriptions Terms of license (how it is accessed, who can access, ILL rights) Provider Consortium Contact
For licensing agreements.
Home grown system, vendor and tech support contact info, license renewal data, consortial or other joint licensing.
III system utilize resource record and license record.
Import MARC Records Used as a discovery tool by staff and patrons Track Licensing Information.
Just implemented.
Licensing Acquisitions Renewal Contact Information Usage Access.
Licensing, administration, vendor statistics, contacts, costs, passwords, MARC records.
Licensing, Evaluation (usage statistics). Package monitoring. Managing public display lists (journals and databases). The
NCSU ERM is a home-grown system.
Licensing, trials, overlap analysis, cost-per-use, coverage tracking, renewal alerts, troubleshooting.
Link resolver MARC records Overlap analysis Cost data License data E-resource portal.
Link resolver (SFX) in implementation process with Verde.
Linking to scanned licenses (staff access) central repository for information regarding administrative &statistical site
URLs, logins, and passwords public display of use permissions &restrictions.
Links to use data contact info post digital image of license administrative logins registered track titles owned cost &
invoice info selector info which librarian is responsible for acquiring resource consortia info track items on trial, on
order, cancelled, etc.
Locally developed database to manage license information and acquisitions details, as well as a public interface to
e-resources powered by SFX.
Meridian, not fully implemented. Library is switching to Verde in Summer 2010.
Minimal use of ERM its use is time consuming and labor intensive.
Our ERM is locally developed we have reviewed and decided against commercial ERM systems. We use our local
system for selection initiation, workflow check off, contact information, access terms or restrictions, licensing document
management and access to selected terms. We manage expenditures through a separate data reporting tool where
data is extracted from the ILS.
Payment information, licensing information, connection management.
Resource, License and Contact Records, Coverage database. Use a different system for open URL resolver.
Resource, license, contact, order info records coverage information.
Search/Resource Manager/COUNTER/A-Z Title List.
System did not meet needs for interoperability with ILS or our expectations for reporting.
Usage tracking, holdings management, link management.
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