SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources · 65
The library has a combined print and electronic book approval plan. Both components, print and electronic items, are
patron driven selections.
The more expensive the e-resource, the more likely its acquisition will be evaluated and decided upon within a multi-
stage collective context and centrally funded. For centrally funded e-acquisitions, the Electronic Resources Selection
Committee evaluates requests and makes recommendations, while the Collection Development Council makes the
funding decision.
The presence of Portico has helped allay fears in going online only we need better ways to find and catalog and expose
individual titles of online monographic series (cataloging analytics).
The same criteria and responsibilities apply whether we are purchasing/subscribing independently or through a
consortium. We are committed to mainstreaming e-resources and only creating specialized workflows and criteria when
While we are pretty good at identifying and evaluating e-resources for acquisition, we discovered, in the economic
downturn, that we were not as prepared to identify and evaluate e-resources for cancellation. We are now working on
providing our librarians with tools and methods.
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