SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources  ·  57
29. Who is responsible for evaluating directly licensed e-resources for renewal? Check all that apply.
N Discipline/
Librarians with mixed collections and/or teaching and/
or reference responsibilities
56 51 51
Librarians dedicated to collection development in all
formats (e.g., bibliographers)
44 44 36
General collection development group 42 33 41
Library senior administrators Deans/directors/AULs 29 27 28
Librarians dedicated to e-resource management 27 23 27
E-resource group 24 21 23
Other individual(s) or group(s) 11 11 11
Please describe the “Other” individual(s) or group(s) who is responsible for evaluating directly
licensed e-resources for renewal.
A standing committee that reviews all subscriptions
Acquisitions librarian contacts e-resources group if renewal costs exceed a predetermined percentage over the last
An electronic resources librarian leads the review of databases.
Business Services office (Library)
Collection Development Head
Collection Development Officer
Electronic resources coordinator
Faculty; students
Head of Collection Development
Head of collection management and acquisitions librarian
Head, Collection Development
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