SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources · 53
Please enter any additional comments about the assessment of new directly purchased/licensed
Direct library decisions are the same whether we purchase a resource from the consortium or individually. Consortium
answers for this set of questions apply.
E-archiving arrangements only come into play with purchased e-resources: that is, when it is a question of e-ownership
rights/perpetual access they never are a factor with leased products. Cost also plays a critical role in determining
how significant are some of the criteria listed above. As a rule, the more expensive an e-resource, the higher are the
standards of evaluation and the more significant are the criteria listed above.
For the past two years, we have been restricted in the number of new e-resources we can acquire. Highly specialized,
unique resources have been added some general ones have been cancelled.
Direct Purchasing/Licensing by the Library: Acquisition Decision
27. Who at your library makes the final decision about the acquisition of new directly purchased/
licensed e-resources? Check all that apply. N=73
N Discipline/
Chief Collection Development Officer 56 51 56
Selectors with relevant subject expertise/responsibility 52 52 33
An e-resources working group/team/committee 30 23 29
All selectors contribute to final decision 25 10 25
Dedicated selector(s) for e-resources 15 12 13
Other individual(s) or group(s) 16 15 16
Please describe the “Other” individual(s) or group(s) who makes the final decision for acquiring
new directly purchased/licensed e-resources for your library.
A standing committee that reviews all subscriptions
Administrative Council
Associate Director for Library Services Acquisitions &E-Resources Management staff
Bibliographers Advisory Committee
Collection development committee
Collection Development Council
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