SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources · 25
Please specify other individual or group.
Business and licensing terms are generally evaluated (i.e., negotiated) by the system-wide office. Quality and interface
issues may be evaluated through variety of means depending on the nature of the product.
For the University System Consortium, Associate Dean for Collections &Services and the Head of Collection
Development Operations &Acquisitions Services.
The consortium typically takes the lead on evaluation of purchase and licensing terms, but individual members are often
asked for feedback along the way, especially if the e-resource is quite expensive and if there seem to be negotiable
7. Who at your library is responsible for evaluating new e-resources for consortial purchase/licensing?
Check all that apply. N=73
N Discipline/
Selectors with relevant subject expertise/responsibility 68 66 40
Chief Collection Development Officer 50 45 49
All selectors contribute to evaluation 50 22 49
An e-resources working group/team/committee 34 29 33
Dedicated selector(s) for e-resources 18 16 18
Other individual(s) or group(s) 29 26 28
Please describe the “Other” individual(s) or group(s) who is responsible for evaluating new
e-resources for consortial purchase/licensing. N=29
Acquisitions and technical staff
Administrative Council faculty students
Associate Director for Library Services Acquisitions &Electronic Resources Management staff
Bibliographers Advisory Committee
Collection Development Committee
Collection Development Council (do not have a Collection Development Officer)
Collection Development Council and E-Resource Acquisitions &Licensing Unit
Collection Management Committee
Electronic Resources Coordinator (2 responses)
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