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We are one of 8 institutions using a consortial instance of Ex Libris’s Verde. Although some consortial licenses have been
loaded, we are not currently using many of the ERM features of the software.
We display for the public (and staff) information such as description of a digital product, other titles in serials bundle,
general terms of use, ILL rights, and number of simultaneous users.
We have an in-house developed ERM. Features include: Ability to browse all products/titles Search all products/titles
Gather number of subscriptions by type or location Run reports to i) correct MARC records ii) check for duplicate
ISSN’s iii) list expenditure by fund iv) import titles from EXCEL into a specific product v) import titles from a MARC file
into a specific product.
We have just purchased Serials Solution.
We use Ex Libris’s Verde ERM, however, it is not fully implemented. We’re contemplating whether we want to continue
using Verde or explore other options.
We use the III ERM. We use all functions. We plan to bring the system live for public use in the autumn.
Answered No
Actually, we do use an ERM to manage our subscriptions for the University System schools but we are currently
investigating one for [just us] since the implementation of Verde was unsuccessful.
Again, this is really a yes and no. We started, along with our OCUL colleagues, but the project has been put on hold
because the vendor is developing a new version. At the moment we are evaluating the potential of using with a
different provider.
We will be implementing Ex Libris’s Verde ERM later this year.
E-resources Purchased/Licensed through Consortia
3. What kinds of consortia does your library work with to acquire commercially available e-resources?
Check all that apply. N=73
Research library consortium (e.g., GWLA, NERL, OCUL) 67 92%
State-wide/Province-wide multi-type library consortium (e.g., VIVA, OHIOlink )53 73%
Regional multi-type library consortium (e.g., Lyrasis, AMIGOS, ORBIS-CASCADE Alliance) 51 71%
University system (e.g., University of Illinois, CDL) 24 33%
Multi-state/National consortium (e.g., BCR, Canadian Research Knowledge Network) 17 23%
Other type of consortium 3 4%
Please specify other type of consortium.
NELCO [New England Law Library Consortium]
Ontario Medical schools: COAHL
SCAMEL [South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium]
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