SPEC Kit 316: Evaluating E-resources · 55
Direct Purchasing/Licensing by the Library: Evaluating E-resources for
28. Is there a routine review cycle for directly licensed e-resources, such as at renewal time, annually,
every three years, etc.? N=72
Yes 56 78%
No 16 22%
If yes, please describe the review cycle.
3 years.
A subset of e-resources are reviewed annually by each of the subject teams.
Acquisitions and e-resources management staff compile and analyze usage stats and share such with subject specialists
prior to annual renewal. Cost, use, and continued relevance are all part of the consideration process.
Annual renewal
Annual review of databases and large e-journal packages. Individual e-journal subscriptions are not reviewed annually.
Annually a minimal review of price, may trigger a more complete review.
Annually and renewal signed by Chief of US Anglo division.
Annually at renewal time for a product. Review the new pricing and look at use data and any comparable resources to
make the renewal decision.
At invoice time.
At renewal or end of contract term
At renewal time (9 responses)
At renewal time selectors often review usage and cost for consideration of renewal.
At renewal time there is an informal discussion rather than a formal review process.
At renewal time, selectors are typically asked if they wish to renew.
At renewal time, usage statistics are reviewed as well as access issues, cost and content.
At renewal time, we consult the disciplinary librarians.
At renewal time, which varies from product to product
At time of renewal, we review pricing, usage, cost per use, and continued relevance to the mission of the libraries.
E-journals are usually renewed automatically. If there is a budget reduction or desire to purchase something else,
e-journals are reviewed. Before databases are renewed, questions are often asked of subject bibliographers and usage
stats are reviewed.
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