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Licensing and Negotiation Librarian
Team Leader, Acquisitions Team
The Dean of Libraries approves all purchases.
University Librarian
Please enter any additional comments about who makes final purchase/licensing decisions for
consortial e-resources for your library. N=10
After input, final decision always rest with the Chief Collection Development officer.
All above contribute to final decision however, ultimate authority rests in the Associate Director for Library Services.
All selectors, particularly those with relevant subject expertise, contribute, but the final decision rests on the licensing
terms brokered by the Team Leader of the Acquisitions Team. These include cost. Failure to reach agreement is a deal
breaker regardless of selectors’ decisions.
Although administrators responsible for collections and/or the Collection Development Council make the final consortial
acquisition decision, input from selectors with relevant subject expertise/responsibility plays an important role in arriving
at that decision. Conversely, it is difficult to imagine a situation where the University Library would make a consortial
acquisition in the face of selector opposition.
Assistant Dean for Systems and Technical Services authorizes purchases decisions.
If pricing high enough, final decisions rests with the Associate Librarian for Library Services.
In some cases (known in advance), such as joint acquisition of e-journal or e-book packages, staff at the consortium
office may make a decision on behalf of the group.
Licensing Librarian and Technology Support group may weigh in on potential considerations such as access support or
question about licensing terms.
Selectors are expected to provide justification for the resource, based on faculty demand, classes or research being
conducted, and the use of the product at peer institutions. The Dean, in conjunction with the Director for Collection
Strategies, reviews these recommendations and makes the final determination.
Selectors contribute to find decision but do not make actual decision.
Purchasing/Licensing by Consortia: Evaluating E-resources for Renewal
15. Is there a routine review cycle for consortial e-resources, such as at renewal time, annually, every
three years, etc.? N=71
Yes 58 82%
No 13 18%
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