24 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
4. To how many consortia does your library currently belong for the primary purpose of acquiring
commercially available e-resources? N=72
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
0 7 3.2 3 1.63
Purchasing/Licensing by Consortia: Identifying and Evaluating New
Answer the following questions based on one consortium through which your library spends the
most on e-resources.
5. How are new e-resources identified within the consortium for possible purchase/licensing? Check
all that apply. N=73
Consortium member suggests a product 69 95%
Vendors submit proposals 67 92%
Consortium manager identifies resources 55 75%
Consortium group/committee identifies prospects 52 71%
Other process 2 3%
Please describe other process.
In normal budget years, new resource proposals are formally solicited via an annual bibliographer survey and then
vetted by one or more system-wide committees. Proposals can also be put forward independently by campuses vendor
proposals are followed up only rarely.
Bibliographer Groups --Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections --Collection Development Committee
6. Who within the consortium is responsible for evaluating new e-resources for consortial purchase/
licensing? Check all that apply. N=73
Individual consortium members 61 84%
Consortium staff 51 70%
Group of consortium members dedicated to evaluate potential purchases 38 52%
Other individual or group 3 4%
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