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Purchasing/Licensing by Consortia: Acquisition Decision
13. How does the consortium decide to enter into a contract with a vendor? Check all that apply. N=72
Consortium staff decide based on member feedback 47 65%
Consortium committee/group decide based on member feedback 37 51%
Members vote 33 46%
Other process 21 29%
Please describe other process. N=21
Consortium staff will do an informal poll of interest. Each member chooses whether they wish to participate. The vendor
may set a minimum threshold of participation. If it’s not met, the deal doesn’t go through.
Generally if there is enough interest we move forward.
If enough members are interested, negotiations begin. If negotiations are successful to the participating members, a
contract will be signed.
In some cases, individual consortium members work directly with the vendor: in other words, unanimous participation
may not be necessary to secure benefits such as consortial discounts.
Many if not most consortia to which the University Library belongs can best be described as “buying clubs.”
Consequently, each member library acts independently--although the consortial discount is often conditioned by the
number of participants who buy the e-resource.
Member input but not necessarily a vote.
Members do not vote, but there is usually a call to opt in and out. If not enough members opt in, the deal falls through.
Discounts usually apply as well, based on number of participants.
Minimum participation threshold must be met for the deal to go forward.
Most licenses are flexible so members can opt in or opt out.
Most or our consortia purchases or subscriptions are opt-in decisions by library. A few need a threshold of a certain
number of libraries in order for a deal to go forward.
Not all members need to participate. The consortia we belong to have no funding so all products decision are made by
the participating library.
Often there is simply a minimum number of members interested to reach a price break.
OhioLINK Cooperative Information Resources Management Committee (CIRM) has also used the ‘bid’ process to
determine whether a resources can be funded based upon collective contribution shares.
Participants have authority to enter into single agreements.
Regional representatives solicit feedback from all members.
Review of cost for institutions involved.
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