58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Please enter any additional comments about who evaluates directly licensed e-resources for
renewal at your library.
Fundamentally the same as consortia new purchases, consortia renewals, and direct purchases.
Subject librarians and senior administrators are often drawn into the evaluation process, but the renewal evaluations are
mainly initiated and managed by the e-resources librarian.
The Collection Development department identifies worrisome renewals for subsequent review by standing committee.
The Director for Collection Strategies will usually asked librarians for their opinions and reactions and big ticket items, or
less expensive but little used items come up for renewal. The DCS will provide usage and cost data in these instances.
The electronic resources coordinator contributes crucial information about usage, technical problems, and any change in
These questions are the same response as ‘consortia’ decisions. Please refer back to consortia answers for the
corresponding question.
30. How important are the following criteria for your institution in evaluating directly licensed
e-resources for renewal? Please make one choice per row. N=72
N Not at All
Relevance to current curricula 72 1 3 16 49 3
Uniqueness of content 72 21 46 5
Relevance to current faculty research 72 3 18 47 4
Cost per use 72 8 19 42 3
Cancellation restrictions 72 1 11 21 31 8
Preservation arrangements (e.g., LOCKSS
compatible or participating in Portico)
72 12 29 31
Compatibility with library systems 72 9 26 25 12
Inflation history 71 5 19 43 4
Overall cost 71 2 30 39
Other criteria 1 1
Please describe other criteria.
Deal Breaker
We would continue to expect and insist upon favorable license terms (ILL rights, walk-in users, perpetual access, third
party archiving).
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