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University of Connecticut
Collections Council
The team is responsible for keeping library staff apprised of its deliberations and decisions and for building
system-wide consensus on and commitment to all major initiatives undertaken. While most meetings are
expected to be open to all interested staff, the Chair may request that specific discussions be closed.
Team Composition/Selection
The Team will have 6 continuing members:
Collection Development Librarian (Team Leader)
Science Team Leader
Social Sciences Team Leader
Arts and Humanities Team Leader
Regional Campus Libraries Program Area Director
Undergraduate Education Team Leader
Representatives from UConn’s Law Library and Health Center Library will be invited to all meetings and
receive all pertinent team correspondence. The Team Leader for Acquisitions, Financial Services and
Statistics will also receive all pertinent team correspondence and act as a resource for the Council, attending
occasional meetings at the request of the Chair.
The Collections Council’s works in collaboration with the Director for Library Research Services. Issues that
cannot be resolved within Library Research Services, will be carried forward to Director’s Council by the
Director for Library Research Services.
Term of Service
Membership on this team is expected to be a continuing appointment. If circumstances arise that prevent a
designated member from serving, or a vacancy occurs, the individual or their supervisor should consult with
the Team Leader and the Director for Library Reserh Services about the need for an interim appointment.
Team Leader
The Collection Development Librarian will serve as the permanent team leader for this cross-program team.
While the work of the team is the responsibility of the team as a whole, the team leader is responsible for
making sure the work of the team is done and for seeing that the following duties are carried out:
meetings are scheduled
meeting agendas are created and distributed
meetings are run effectively and efficiently
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