56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
E-resource subscriptions are reviewed at renewal time, i.e., annually.
Fiscal Year change is the most common time for review with renewal being second.
If price increase is over 5 %,the library business services office brings the title to the attention of the subject librarian.
If the e-product is on a contract with a termination date, the review cycle takes place during the final year of a license/
contract. Otherwise, e-resources subscriptions are not reviewed on a regular cycle.
It varies, based on vendor procedures and schedules resources are automatically renewed unless scheduled for review or
flagged for potential cancellation decision.
Many e-resources are not questioned or reviewed. However, the need to cancel to fund new acquisitions causes us to
consider the utility of classes of resources (e.g., abstracting and indexing databases).
Often but not always at renewal time
Renewal plus every 2–3 years by formal group.
Renewal time annual collections review process
Renewal time, usually based on a fiscal year (1 July 30 June) subscription cycle.
Renewals or when cancellation surveys must be undertaken.
Review occurs at renewal.
Sometimes, irregular and not across the board at renewal time, or otherwise during cancellation projects.
The review cycle is largely ad-hoc. As renewals come in they are always checked for unusual price increases. If a
resource is relatively expensive or there is some other reason to question its utility, usage statistics will be checked and/
or selectors questioned about current appropriateness for the collection.
Titles are renewed annually as part of journal review cycle.
Usually at renewal time.
We engage in an annual budget evaluation which includes identifying electronic products to cancel for budget savings
otherwise, renewal decisions are made on a product-by-product basis prior to renewal time.
We have recently begun reviews based on pricing increase -if a price hits a threshold for cost and for %increase, we
now review prior to renewal. We’ve also established a new routine for reviewing use stats, cost per use, etc.
Answered No
Reviews are ongoing and initiated when new or updated resources are introduced, print subscriptions need to be
replaced, cost increase or collections funding is reduced.
These questions are the same response as ‘consortia’ decisions. Please refer back to consortia answers for the
corresponding question.
We are in the process of putting one in place. This will likely be the role of the committee previously tasked with
identifying resources. We no longer really need a team to identify resources but we do need a team to work out how to
review those resources we already have.
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