SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 49
We rely on the university’s Disability Management System office for accommodations and assistance to our students
with disabilities. Although the library does provide a few services and technologies, we work with the DMS to best help
anyone needing assistance.
Without a dedicated staff position for serving those with disabilities this has been an ongoing challenge for our library,
and disability services can fall through the cracks. Just over the past 2 years we have made progress by creating a
separate web page that provides information on our policies and services for the disable, and we now have a librarian
who serves as the coordinator of services for those with disabilities, which primarily means he is available to take
special requests and figure out how we can best serve our disabled patrons. We have also established a better working
relationship with the director of disability services, which added an adaptive technologies specialist recently, and that
has helped as well. But I believe we could be doing more with adaptive technology.
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