32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Partnership with campus Student Disability Resource Center.
Referrals from Crane Resource Centre and Library, Access &Diversity Office.
Coordinating Services
11. Who in the organization has responsibility for coordinating support for persons with disabilities?
Check all that apply. N=59
An ADA officer or disabilities coordinator in a central disabilities unit
or office on campus/in the parent organization 36 61%
An ADA or disabilities coordinator or other designated person in the library 26 44%
Other position 16 27%
Please identify the other position that has responsibility for coordinating support for persons with
An AUL is the liaison to the ADA office but a reference librarian coordinates the requests from our disabled population
needing assistance.
Assistive Technologies Center Specialist, Office of Information Technologies, is the contact we use for inquiries about
ATC services.
Combination of lab staff and public services staff &Disabilities office.
Communications and Outreach Librarian.
Disabilities Committee within the library and HR is sponsor.
Head and assistant head of Library Personnel have some responsibility, along with Public Services Assistant.
In the library there is the Assistant Director for Public Services and the Head of Customer Services.
Information Specialist in information commons has general responsibility for assisting with scanning requests and
Library Liaison to Student Disability Services Director, Library Information Technology.
Media Librarian.
Recently formed committee of 5 library staff.
Reference Librarian coordinates the library services to persons with disabilities.
Shared by several individuals such as facilities coordinator, reference head, library security.
The LC Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness, and Compliance is responsible primarily for inclusiveness for employees with
disabilities, but also provides some support for patrons, e.g. ADA accommodations at LC-sponsored events.
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