24 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Please briefly describe the other way(s) disabled users obtain access to specialized workspace in the
One of the dedicated rooms requires a special login to use the computer, but the room is not locked.
Our dedicated assistive technology lab is managed by Disability Resources for Students, a unit on campus. They handle
providing access to the lab.
Patrons may approach the Reference Desk during business hours and the Security Guard’s desk after hours.
Register with campus Disabled Students Program -library staff provide key to registered users.
Registered users enter using a swipe card system.
Students who are registered with our Centre for Students with Disabilities are able to use a quiet, multi-person lab set
aside for their use. They have to initially show a card to gain entry to the lab.
The ADA facility is open the entire time Hayden library is open but is only staffed part of the time (1.5 FTE staff and
limited student worker support).
The person would contact Library Services for Students with Disabilities (LSSD) by e-mail, phone or in person, to book a
time to use a room. A person with a disability other than a student would also contact LSSD. Keys to the rooms are kept
at the main Library Services Desk. Students are provided with a key, but are asked to show identification. Staff at the
service desk have a list of students authorized to use these rooms.
They may also call the service desk to obtain access.
To use the study carrels and lab provided and maintained by Services for Students with Disabilities but located in the
library students must be registered with SSD. The library will sign-out a key to registered students only from the Service
Users must register with the campus Disabilities Service to become registered for use of the Assistive Technologies
Center (ATC) in the library. The ATC is open 24/5 once registered with Disability Services, a user is given a NetID login
that allows permission to log into the ATC computers.
Users registered with the Adaptive Technology Centre have access to its space.
Users with disabilities can gain access to the workspace by approaching the Circulation Desk. This maximizes the hours
that the workspace is available.
We have one specialized workspace in our main library building only. Students can get the code or remote opener to the
room at the two service desks in the library. Once they have the code, they do not need any staff intervention.
Web page on library website describes services provided at the library and location of equipment.
With the exception of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, LC public reading rooms
serve both general and special-needs patrons.
Workstation is specialized but in an open public area.
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