SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 19
We offer the same services that we offer to all our users.
We will retrieve books if call numbers are provided.
Other services N=39
Proxy borrower cards 27 69%
Extended loan periods 17 44%
Other service(s) 16 41%
Please briefly describe the other service(s) for users with disabilities.
Adaptive technology center in library.
Adaptive Technology Centre and study areas.
Adaptive Technology Room in the Information Commons available only to students registered with our Disability
Resource Centre available 7 days a week 24/5 Sunday to Friday.
Additionally, we provide special research training for staff from the university’s Disability Support Services office and we
provide research assistance appointments and classes for students in collaboration with this office.
Any of the above could be arranged but have never been requested.
Generally not applicable since members of the public can’t remove collection materials from the reading rooms.
The Library of Congress is the home of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, which
circulates Braille and audio materials to eligible borrowers through its national network of cooperating libraries.
Library Services for Users with Disabilities described on extensive website: http://www2.lib.udel.edu/atc/polatc.htm,
includes information about Assistive Technology Center with five workstations in private room.
Maintain an adaptive technology lab, run the alternate-format text service, loan adaptive tech and equipment, provide
bookable private study space.
Online renewal of circulating materials is available. Non-Circulating Materials: Arrange for a special short-term loan to
use non-circulating materials with equipment at the Disability Resource Center.
Online requests are taken to “hold” items for 24 hours.
Provides study carrels if there is a need.
The Disability Center on campus will provide readers for special collections and other materials that cannot be used with
adaptive technologies.
There is an Assistive Technologies Center (ATC) in the Libraries Learning Commons: specialized equipment, furniture and
software available for use, with full-time support staff available for basic assistance.
Users with disabilities may apply for a proximity access card for unassisted entry to the library building through a secure
entrance that is closer to some parking areas and may be more convenient than the main entrance.
We make whatever accommodations are needed.
We will make many accommodations as needed.
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