40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
16. How do these library staff members receive training about assisting users with disabilities and how
to use the available assistive technology? Check all that apply. N=60
Training Method N Assisting
Using Assistive
Hands-on training from coordinator(s) 37 31 30
Send staff to occasional workshops 25 23 18
Manuals 24 14 23
Staff go to conferences and get information there 20 19 12
Staff are entirely self trained 19 17 14
Hands-on training from IT staff 16 7 16
Webinars 13 12 9
Outside consultants brought in for training 12 9 9
Vendor training 12 6 10
Send staff out to formal training program 8 7 7
On-line courses 7 7 3
Other method 6 4 6
Number of Responses 60 57 52
Please briefly describe the other library staff training method(s).
Books and in-house seminars/webinars.
By coordinators, I mean department heads doing training within the department.
Created online video training for using assistive technology (i.e., CCTV).
Handled by the central campus office Disability Support Services office.
Informational resources on campus, library, and staff websites.
Intranet guides for reference staff.
Learning Commons staff decide whether or not to get training from the ATC Specialist as their time allows.
Orientation to the services offered tours to library staff personal assistance with specific issues.
Outside consultants conduct annual or bi-annual training and provide multimedia training modules placed on staff-
accessible website.
Recently, have been working with the Libraries’ Diversity Outreach Collaborative to develop resources for self-training of
Some self-training.
Staff also learn new information and new skills when the coordinator is called for help troubleshooting technical
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