SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 31
The libraries’ ATC is supported by Office of Information Technologies the OIT tech specialist works with the campus
Disabilities Services.
The Library of Congress voluntarily complies with Section 508 specifications.
The library works with Information Technology and Communication and with the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center
which make recommendations for services and provide most of the equipment we house.
The university has an office for Specialized Support and Disability Services (SSDS) has long been serving staff and faculty
members with disabilities by providing direct services and collaborating in the delivery of others. The office has a broad
range of expertise in matters pertaining to persons with disabilities and reasonable accommodations and thus can be
consulted with regard to disability-related issues.
We work closely with various offices on campus when making decisions regarding assistive technologies and services.
We work collaboratively with the Special Services office, which provides the majority of the assistive technology and
other services.
Work with campus ADA department to develop services.
Works with coordinator from Disability Resource Centre to determine needs.
10. How does your library publicize or make these services known to potential users? Check all that
apply. N=61
Through campus office that supports people with disabilities 58 95%
Library website 55 90%
Word of mouth 42 69%
Signs in the library 24 39%
Through bibliographic instruction or library orientation sessions 22 36%
Brochures or flyers 19 31%
Through governmental office that supports people with disabilities 5 8%
Other method 7 12%
Please describe the other method(s) the library publicizes theses services to potential users.
Also article in “WELCOME TO THE LIBRARY” general library publication distributed to all, and inserted semiannually in
student newspaper.
Campus IT knowledge base.
Circulars and newsletters issued by National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Forums, campus newspaper.
Occasional news item in our Library News -http://library.mcmaster.ca/news/6042.
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