44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Support Services staff maintain the assistive furniture. University Facilities Maintenance maintains the elevator.
We have so little equipment that servicing has never come up. If needed, the Communications and Outreach Librarian
would contact the manufacturer for support in the event of hardware/software failure.
Library WebSite Accessibility
19. Does your library have staff trained in Web accessibility for users with disabilities to create Web
products? N=61
Yes 37 61%
No 24 39%
All staff consider accessibility issues when designing web pages for library website.
Librarians have basic library school training that might have covered Web accessibility for users with disabilities.
Library Systems staff.
Most of the training is done through tutorials and web resources.
Our digital resources associates have been trained in web accessibility for users with disabilities.
Our staff who create web products are self-trained with the WCAG 2.0. Our staff that is responsible for content creation
has received training about the development of accessible content. Project managers for the implementation of new
library-supported web components are expected to assess against WCAG 2.0. The university is committed to reaching
an online accessibility level of WCAG 2.0 AA.
Our web developer doesn’t have specific training but if asked to implement anything special training can be obtained.
Our Web Services Librarian has personally created a goal to develop ADA compliant web pages.
Our webmaster is not formally trained but has ensured that our website is accessible, which is to say we are W3C WCAG
2.0 compliant.
The Digital Interfaces Librarian is aware of accessibility issues and has met with the ATC Specialist.
There are ITS staff who are aware of web accessibility issues, but they consult with a campus group.
Two web developers have received some training on general website accessibility through a “Building a Website”
continuing education course. These same staff are mostly self-taught.
Web Developer has some of these skills.
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