SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities · 23
All study tables and carrels are wheelchair accessible.
Assistive Technology Center in private room with five workstations. Equipment and software described online at:
Assistive technology in study carrels and quiet room is provided and maintained by Services for Students with
Disabilities. The library provides space only.
Each reading room has at least one wheelchair-accessible general public workstation and ZoomText 7.0 software.
In each service area there is at least one public workstation outfitted with ZoomText that is identified by a sign tented
on top of the monitor.
It is impossible to give you an accurate number of all workstations with assistive technologies. Our media center
televisions have telecaption equipment and some lighting enhance media carrels. I believe there are some PCs around
that have keyboards with large yellow numbers. Across our 17 libraries/service locations there are a variety of height
adjustable computer and study carrels.
Most workstations have ZoomText magnifier/reader.
One dedicated public workstation in reading room one general public terminal in each library.
One general public workstation in main library, two in science &engineering library.
Study rooms can be used for more than one person.
The library has 17 group study rooms (not dedicated everyone can book them) these can be booked.
Thirty-six workstations are height-adjustable.
Three single person rooms and one multi-person room.
We have eight libraries, only two provided responses for compilation. I believe two of our libraries each have one
workstation with assistive technology.
We have ADA stations at each of 7 service desks, 8 specialized ADA stations, 300 public workstations, and two
specialized rooms with staffing for disabled patrons.
Wireless access in all buildings allows users to use their own laptop/equipment.
5. How does a disabled person obtain access to specialized workspace in the library? Check all that
apply. N=60
Approach any service desk 45 75%
Self service signage points users to the specialized workstations/spaces 29 48%
Approach a special service desk 13 22%
Registered users are issued a key to locked workspace 7 12%
Submit an online reservation for special workspace/equipment 5 8%
Other 17 28%
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