SPEC Kit 321: Services for Users with Disabilities  ·  37
14. Who has responsibility for interpreting applicable disabilities laws for library staff? Check all that
apply. N=58
An ADA officer/disabilities coordinator in a central disabilities unit/office
on campus/in the parent organization 50 86%
An ADA officer/disabilities coordinator or other designated person in the library 13 22%
Organization counsel or legal unit 33 57%
Outside counsel or legal unit 3 5%
Outside consultant
Other position 5 9%
Please identify the other position that has responsibility for interpreting applicable disabilities
Central Human Resources.
Department Head, Information Services & Resources, Dana Porter Library Director, Organizational Services.
Equity Office.
I am not sure how to answer this question.
The ADA officer reports to the campus human resources organization and works with the library on employee issues on
an as-needed basis.
Library Service Providers
15. Please briefly describe which library staff members are expected to provide services for users with
disabilities. N=45
Access Services and Reference staff.
ADA librarian coordinates services; all public service staff are expected to provide minimal services at the public service
ADA staff/student workers when present; Access Services staff at other times; Information desk staff in other branches
along with circulation/reserve staff.
All front line service staff are able to provide assistance with:
- using CCTV reader
- providing reference assistance
- retrieving material
- photocopying material
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